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Everun Software Developer is the Creator of Editing software named (Scenarist) for scripts and plays compliance with international standards of Hollywood

Translation, scriptwriting tutorials presentations with the latest recommendations of best Hollywood screenwriter and professional scriptwriting credible sources

Providing the script and plays in both Persian and English Languages in the form of a professional archive for all screenwriting enthusiasts

The first and best-selling editing screenwriting software for professionals and beginners of scriptwriting industry in Persian


Stay with us to be informed of the latest news about the best articles of Everun Software Developer in the topics of scriptwriting, and...

Order your customized software

Everun Software Developer accepts your own custom software for use by a person, company or specific organization. Just fill out the order form and we will contact you ASAP.

Technical support

Everun Software Developer is provided technical support for its products via ticketing system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Feel free to ask a question... Frequently Asked Questions and their relevant answers about all stages of preparation and ordering products, how to install and run each products and also mentioning potential problems for users are provided.

Tutorials and Product Videos

In this section, videos and clips of introducing software s and their tutorials are given. Also you can watch these videos as well as you can download them.

Purchase guide

The guide of all steps of purchasing including how to subscribe to website, how to choose a specific product, how to pay and how to activate the software...

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